Disability Rights with LaFHAC

Reasonable Modifications and Accommodations

If you have a disability, you might be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or modification.

What is a reasonable and necessary modification?

A modification is a physical change to a property. Housing providers are required to allow reasonable and necessary modifications for persons with a disability. For example, a reasonable and necessary modification for someone with a mobility impairment might be adding a ramp to the front of the house, while installing a flashing light doorbell might be necessary for a tenant who is Deaf.

What is a reasonable and necessary ​accommodation?

An accommodation is a change to a rule or policy. Housing providers are required to allow reasonable and necessary accommodations for persons with a disability. An example of a reasonable and necessary accommodation would be for a landlord to waive their “no pets” policy or pet fee for someone with an assistance animal. 

Sample forms

You can find a self-help reasonable accommodation request model letter here. You may fill this out and send it to your housing provider to request a reasonable accommodation. Make sure to keep a copy of it for your records. 

You can find a blank reasonable accommodation and disability verification form here. 
In the event that your housing provider requests verification of your disability or need for an accommodation, you may send this form to be completed by a doctor, mental health professional or another professional with knowledge of your disability/disabilities who can speak to the connection between your disability/disabilities and the requested reasonable accommodation(s). After it is completed by the professional, you should send this form to your housing provider.  

Need help asking for a reasonable modification or accommodation request?

Call LaFHAC at (504) 596-2100 or (877) 445-2100

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