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Explore ways to direct students to resources that allow them to discover their skills and passions, and research different career paths. Career Waves 4 is a free resource for all secondary partners. The resources here align with your pathways. We recommend sharing these videos and resources in your Career Exploration classes such as Quest for Success, JAG, and Ag 1.

The Secondary Faculty and Staff Community is a great place to offer your valuable advice for supporting students throughout their career and academic journeys.

Careers for Graduates with a Degree in Culinary Arts

Yes, This is a Recipe for Success

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Careers for graduates with a degree in culinary arts can be found across the nation and around the world, wherever hungry people come together. For graduates with a …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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What Are Reasonable Accommodations at Work (and How to Request Them)?

Reasonable accommodations are adjustments to a hiring process, work environment, or job responsibilities so an employee with disabilities can apply for or perform their job. Depending on the type of disability, accommodations can look many different ways — from transcription …

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How to Use Your Disability as a Strength When Applying for a Job

Lois Barth is a Human Development Expert, Speaker, Life and Business Coach, and Author of the book, “Courage to SPARKLE; The Audacious Girls’ Guide to Creating A Life that Lights You Up.” Lois will be a panelist at the College …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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Frequent Referrals for Housing Assistance
Voice Of The Experienced (VOTE)

VOTE is dedicated to restoring the full human and civil rights of those most impacted by the criminal (in)justice system. …

Know Your Housing Rights

The federal Fair Housing Act protects you from discrimination based on:

Disability Rights with LaFHAC

Reasonable Modifications and Accommodations

If you have a disability, you might be entitled to a reasonable accommodation or modification.

What …

Find Affordable Rental Housing

What is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly called Food Stamps) helps eligible …

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